Expedition 134 Box



The Expedition 134 General Purpose box was designed as part of a series of premium storage products for the outdoors and marine environments.

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Dark Green


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A versatile box easy to keep clean and to carry


Main features

Designed for people who need a versatile box that is easy to keep clean but can still take a pounding. This box can be used in the saltwater environment all year and never go rusty. You cannot only tie it down and still get access inside, but you can also take it anywhere without fear of some someone else getting into it. When not out on trips, it can save space by nesting inside other expedition134 boxes.

The Expedition Box has been designed to avoid pain while lifting up boxes into ute trays and onto roof racks.  Expedition 134 boxes are using the technology of injection moulds which are much higher tech and thus far more expensive with all the precision moving parts and hydraulics, but the end product is well worth it.



Weight: 3.95 kg

Dimensions: 57.8 × 44.0 × 34.5 cm

Colours: Black, Grey, Olive Green, Orange