The Pod Trailer is the last enclosed trailer you’ll ever need to buy. With a hot-dipped galvanised chassis, polyethylene body and rubber sealed waterproof pod lid, the Pod Trailer is as much at home camping and touring as it is doing all the essential jobs a utility trailer excels at.


Whether you’re thundering down punishing tracks or cruising along wide-open beaches, you will forget you had anything on the tow-ball. With its soft travel off-road suspension and aerodynamic shape, the All-ROADA has to be the most versatile and economical off-road trailer to tow anywhere. Why drag dead weight?


Australia has some of the most punishing corrugated roads on the planet requiring special attention to trailer durability, ride and protection.

Stockman Products developed the EXTREME OFF ROAD POD TRAILER specifically for hauling gear in these outback conditions over prolonged heavily corrugated and dusty roads.